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  • Christine Ayala


Are you afraid of the future?

Do you believe that God has a future and a hope for you?

Do you believe that you are called to a purpose for this future and plan God has?

It’s important to ask ourselves these questions. For me, the answer to all three is yes - I know that I’m called according to Gods purpose and plan... but that doesn’t mean I don’t get afraid sometimes. The unknown does that, makes us feel afraid, but that’s ok as long as you tell God the truth and allow Him to calm your fear.

Our God does call us by our name! He is extremely interested in us and what we talk about and do. He wants to be our friend and our savior. He really loves us! #godloveyou #calledandchosen #createdonpurposeforapurpose #childofgod #goodgoodfather #calledbyname #shalom #dailydevotional

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