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  • Christine Ayala


When I saw this quote from @drtonyevans I was inspired and then hesitant. How often when we sing or say “I surrender all,” do we really consider what that means?

To surrender who I’ve been, means to let go of control of everything I’ve worked hard for: like my education, family, job, ministry, reputation, and self esteem. Letting go of control is a silly thing if you think about it, because how much control do we actually have? And, how much control does God actually have? He has all the power and control whether I give it to Him or not. The difference is that I’m not fighting Him when I surrender, that’s when I start trusting Him and walking by faith. That’s when I will see God work in and through me. That’s when all the work I’ve done is really used and leveraged by God. This kind of surrender isn’t a “one-and-done” kind of thing - you must continue to surrender because your selfish human nature will continually try to get back in control.

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