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  • Christine Ayala

Enough Hope

Our Father God has faithfully kept my hope alive, even when it was the tiniest flicker, over the years! Sometimes He did this by having people with hope and faith alongside me to speak it over me because I couldn’t and sometimes it would well up inside of me by the Holy Spirit. I believe that it’s part of the living water Jesus has given us.

The purpose of this hope is to enable and empower us to believe! To build and strengthen faith that can endure with joy and peace. Right now there is someone I desperately want to be filled with this hope, to see the Father’s work in his life so that he would be able to have relief from pain and the healing he so desperately needs. I pray that the God of hope would fill Him with a mustard seed of faith to experience the joy and peace of believing and seeing the hope overflow in him. I pray for healing and wholeness for him in the name of Jesus! So be it!

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