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  • Christine Ayala

Eternity Minded

This is a sobering statement. How much time do I spend thinking about building my life on earth versus how much time do I spend on Building my eternal life - pursuing the purpose God ordained for me rather than the stuff I want?

I pray every day for God to help me to BE and DO everything that He has purposed for me. That I would fulfill the call He has called me to. Yet, I’m easily distracted from the path. I have to remind myself and be very intentional so that the cares of this world and the flesh won’t derail me. It’s a constant struggle. One of my strategies is to play a lot of worship and gospel music - Alexa is my DJ. What strategies do you have? #intentionalliving #createdonpurposeforapurpose #calledandchosen #strategicplanning #discipleship #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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