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  • Christine Ayala

Faith = Trust

Stop and think about it, what are you afraid of? What do you worry about? What do you not trust God for?

It seems harsh to put it that way, but if we really trusted God for something, then we wouldn’t be worried about it… unless we knew we asking for something or someone and we don’t think God wants it as badly for us as we do - or, we are asking for something or someone that is contrary to His word. I’m sure you e never done such a thing… but I confess I have. I e even convinced myself that God wanted me to have what I sinned to get. Guess what, I was wrong and God gave me what was best for me, not what I wanted. I’m still learning to trust Him enough to not be afraid - but sometimes I slip… and Jesus catches me and the Holy Spirit steadies me and Father God helps me to move on. #thankyoujesus #walkinthespirit @jenn_littlehousestudio #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #faith #nomorefear #trustinthelord #dailydevotional

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