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  • Christine Ayala

Father’s Day

Being a parent is the hardest job many of us ever do. It’s easy to mess it up and feel inadequate while you do the best you can. Fatherhood carries with it all kinds of social and cultural expectations, and of course the Biblical example of Father God to live up to.

I was blessed to have a dad who encouraged me to pursue my gifts and callings and raised me in church. He was a faithful man and my folks always served while I was growing up. He didn’t discourage me from pursuing a music degree when it seemed impractical and frivolous - and I have been able to work as a musician for my entire life. I’m grateful that my dad never held me back or criticized me for doing what God called me to do.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and to my husband, James, and to my sons, Greg and dannyayala - I’m so blessed to watch you be such great fathers!

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