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  • Christine Ayala


Jesus had emotions just like you and I do. In fact, He felt very deeply… and still does. His love for you and me is deeper and wider and greater than anything we can comprehend. In the Bible they counted 39 different emotions that He demonstrated, but I’m sure there were more feelings than that. He was human and so He had to deal with them.

I think it’s imperative for us to feel all those feelings and process them with Jesus. Pretending you don’t feel them isn’t helpful. “Stuffing” them just creates problems and can lead to bitterness, anxiety and depression. So if you’re happy, BE happy. If you’re grieving, then grieve.

The Bible tells us NOT to be afraid because God knows we will be. If you’re experiencing fear, then ask God to help you not be afraid. The Scriptures also tells us to rejoice always - so if you’re struggling with feeling any joy, ask God to help you find your joy in Him. When you’re joyful, then spread it everywhere. Be authentic in Christ.

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