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  • Christine Ayala

Following Your Heart?

Our sin comes from our own evil desires. The devil doesn’t make you do anything, the evil desire is already in your heart - what you do is up to you. You always have a choice. Do you feed and empower the desire, or the spirit who is also in you? The desire itself isn’t sin if you don’t dwell on it and feed it, it becomes sin when you do. That’s when you give it power and it brings death and destruction into your life. #chooselife

Don’t follow your heart! Follow the Spirit of God within you, listen to the Word of the Lord, obey Him. This is where true freedom is birthed in your life. Following your own desires leads to slavery to them. #jesusistheway #freedominchrist #truth #wordofgodspeak #walkinthespirit #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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