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  • Christine Ayala


Jesus taught that we are to forgive one another as He has forgiven us. He forgives us for E V E R Y T H I N G! This means that He is constantly forgiving us, and because of His blood and His grace - He forgives us even when we don’t ask. This is our example to follow - this is how we are supposed to forgive one another.

Forgiveness doesn’t erase just and fair consequences- a thief or murderer should still go to prison. The victims can move on without any feelings of malice or anger towards the person though - yes even if they did something heinous - because that kind of malice and anger is destructive and God wants to heal it in you. The path to that healing is forgiveness. However, It’s the little things that get to most of us - gossip, selfishness, sarcastic remarks - sometimes these are the things we don’t forgive - and the feelings fester into malicious and hurtful thoughts. Those thoughts are hurting us and the path to healing is forgiveness. #forgiveoneanother #mlkjr #forgiveness #godisgoodallthetime #theywillknowusbyourlove #faith #BEthechurch #walkinthespirit #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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