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  • Christine Ayala


Many of us are looking back at 2023 as we look forward to 2024. Whether 2023 went well for you or not does not have to be the place you launch 2024… our God is alive and active and He fills us with hope for the future and His plan. Let His faithfulness and His promises to you be the place you launch yourself from, not the platform of the past.

I have a custom on New Years Eve - I pray, seek God and set goals for myself. These aren’t resolutions, though. They are progressive goals for me personally in the areas of my profession, my spiritual life, ministry, health and relationships. I don’t always achieve them all, but sometimes I do. Sometimes God surprises me with one, too - and that makes this process fun and exciting for me. Part of this exercise is centering it all around God and His plan and purposes for me, not what the world says I should be striving for.

Hope, joy, peace, faith and walking in the Holy Spirit are the building blocks I use - I pray that they are for you too.

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