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  • Christine Ayala

Getting Even

What were you taught when you were growing up? Were you taught to get even or to fight back when someone wrongs you? I think this behavior is often modeled because our reaction, from our sin nature, is to get even. This is not from God, even though there is the Old Testament “eye for an eye” verse, Jesus came to fulfill the law. Every time Jesus was asked how to punish someone, He forgave them. That was His model. He did hold people accountable though - but for hard, legalistic hearts - not for making mistakes. What behavior are we modeling? Do we retaliate? Do we “get even” when someone offends us? Or do we model love and mercy? #theywillknowusbyourlove #discipleship #loveoneanother #BEthechurch #forgiveness #grace #mercy #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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