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  • Christine Ayala


We hear a lot of talk about giving at this time of the year, and I was asking myself, “Why is that?”

Christ was a giver and we are His disciples. Every where Jesus went, He poured out and gave all He could (often to the point of exhaustion). Do we do that? Do I? Of course, there were some places that didn’t receive His gifts, but those that did were blessed! His gifts were time, prayer, teaching, giving hope and healing, and yes, even money for the poor. We tend to stop at the money for the poor though, and people have a softer heart around the holidays, so every organization is competing for our dollars.

The needs of these organizations (like the Salvation Army) is great - even more so this year. But their need was great during the summer, too. Everywhere, people are hurting and isolated. How can you give? Not just now, but throughout the year? What do you commit to do with your time and talent, not just your money, to help others in your community?

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