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  • Christine Ayala

God Is for Me

The creator of the universe who is king of all kings and Lord of all Lords is the same God who created each one of us as intricate and unique individuals. This same God not only knows each of our names, but He cares about what we care about and knows all of our thoughts and feelings - AND He is in our side!!

Our God is a perfect and loving Father who wants to teach His children the best ways, give Us good things and lead us on His paths of righteousness and truth. No matter what, He sees the end of things from the beginning and the beginning from the end. He ALWAYS knows what is best, and He doesn’t waver. He is always good, even if we don’t understand - AND He is on our side.

Make no mistake about it, there is another side - the side of selfishness, pride and evil. We have an enemy who will always try to convince us that we don’t need to follow God and that we don’t need Him to succeed - it all started in the garden of Eden and it hasn’t stopped...yet. But it will come to an end. Where will you be standing when it does?

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