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  • Christine Ayala

God’s Best

There is so much in this short quote. We get closer to God when we listen to and follow His word - but even if we don’t, He will never abandon us. The thing is, once you’ve walked closely with Him and experienced His hand on your life, you don’t want to live without that closeness. You don’t want to live without His blessing. The relationship and the blessing are intertwined.

It’s not bad to want God’s blessing and it’s the promised reward for obedience, however we can get caught up in an “I want” mentality and try to manipulate scripture to get it all. This isn’t the same as the close relationship God desires to have with us. He longs to bless us with what He knows is best for us and when we are closer to Him, we start wanting the good what He wants. #walkinthespirit #goodgoodfather #childofgod #discipleship #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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