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  • Christine Ayala

Good n Easy

This is one of those lessons that we learn and then have to learn again and again. For some reason, we think that following Jesus on the path He set before us should be easy. There is nothing in scripture that would even imply this, and yet we still struggle with it. Jesus made it clear that it would be hard, it would include suffering and that we would have to make sacrifices to follow Him - but that the blessing would be eternal life with Him - starting now.

Our life with Jesus began when we received His grace and forgiveness and became a child of God. Our God is with us - we are not dealing with any of life’s hardships on our own - even though the devil is trying to make you feel that way.

Good things, like all things of value, come at a cost. You have to give of yourself and work for them. Like your marriage, your children, your home, your church and your friends. Blessings are God’s gifts along the way of living and giving while you walk the path He set before you.

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