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  • Christine Ayala

Hard Work

There is a disturbing trend in our culture these days, and it is creeping into the church because it sounds good to us.

“Give yourself a break.” “You deserve a break today.” “You shouldn’t have to work so hard to have your needs met.”

I’m sorry, but this isn’t In my Bible. The way I see it, I have a duty to work hard, and to rest well in the peace of God. God. But some are labeling hard workers as “workaholics” when they aren’t addicted to work at all, they are just doing what God has called them to. Folks who have time to criticize and condemn others like this are clearly not doing what they’re supposed to be doing…

A workaholic can’t stop working because it’s like a drug to them - that is different from a hard worker who is also striving to serve God and isn’t concerned with judging others - only themselves and their walk with God.

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