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  • Christine Ayala

He IS Good

Several years ago, I went through a bit of a crisis of faith - it wasn’t that I changed my belief in God - it was because I’d believed that a man was from God and he rejected me and because my son was suffering greatly. I had prayed fervently and in faith for both situations, and God hadn’t changed anything… or so I thought. I know better than to tell God what to do, but I guess that’s kind of what I was doing because I thought I was in sync with Him. Truth is, I wasn’t, but I was.

God, in His endless goodness, removed the man from my life so He could give me the desires of my heart. He had to take a journey with my son so that He could truly heal Him. My prayers were answered!

I remember one Sunday, I walked into church and I was SO SO distraught and depressed, and this was the song that broke my heart - You’re a good, good, Father by @christomlin

I confessed that I didn’t see His goodness. I asked Him to help me see His goodness again, I asked Him to restore to me the joy of His salvation, and to save my son from the abyss.

He did.

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