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  • Christine Ayala

He Is With You

I remember hearing God say my name. It will surprise you but I think I was 5 years old the first time. I knew Him. He knew me. It’s not difficult for me to believe this because it’s always been real for me. I cannot imagine living without hearing His voice. The key is being in tune with Him, His love for us and His desire to be part of our lives - our daily lives not just invited to the big events, but to the table in the kitchen and as a part of the family.

There have been times when I neglected this precious relationship and was not in tune with Him at all, but He never lost His in-tuneness with me. He was always there, He always caught me and helped me pick up the pieces. He has healed me, delivered me, corrected me and comforted me. He is my counselor and my provider, He truly provides everything I need.

He knows your name. He knows you, and He always has. Listen for His voice.

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