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  • Christine Ayala

His Righteousness

Do you believe this? Do your actions reflect it? Does your lifestyle bear witness to this belief? Can others tell that you’re following God’s word by watching and listening to you?

The answer for me is, “Sometimes, I think they can.” I think I’m generally kind and patient, but not always. I have a Godly marriage, but not all of my past relationships were Godly. I have definitely let the world entice me off of God’s path before. But, the good news is that His grace is sufficient for me, His blood has cleansed me from my sins and His Spirit is within me because HE is faithful and He cover a me with righteousness. Hallelujah!! #grace #godisfaithful #donotconformtothisworld #discipleship #johnbunyan #forgiven #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #dailydevotional

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