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  • Christine Ayala

Hope & Peace

This is my prayer for you.

Hope is so critically important to our relationship with our Lord and to our joy. How can we have joy and peace in our hearts without hope? The key is, as usual, the source of that hope. If my hope relies on my ability to “be good” and be pleasing to God, then I won’t have joy and peace... I’ll have anxiety and disappointment because I will always fail. If I think that I am “good” then I have failed. To have real joy and peace, our hope must come from God and from His grace and unconditional love for us - even though we fail everyday. God wants us to walk in the spirit and be filled with joy and peace each day - so I pray that God will fill you with His Spirit and all hope and peace today. #walkinthespirit #hope #peace #godislove #godlovesyou #grace #shalom #onespiritonechurch #legalismdoesntwork #dailydevotional

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