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  • Christine Ayala

“It” Is Worth It

When you’re going through “it,” whatever your “it” is, you’re not thinking about all the people you may minister to because of “it.” You’re just holding on with all you have to survive. You’re praying desperate prayers and begging God for His help.

It’s later on that you look back and see what the Lord did in and through you during your trial. You see the fruit of your pain and toil. But none of us would have chosen “it” to give us those things - we would much preferred that God just give us the fruit on a silver platter. If God did that, then we wouldn’t have anything to draw on to help others through their trials and to testify to His faithfulness! We are to build one another up - encourage one another and help them get through their “its” too! “It” isn’t for nothing!

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