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  • Christine Ayala

Just Worship

God’s Spirit lives in us and breathes life into our situations and circumstances... and we hardly notice until things go a different way. THEN we notice. Not only do we notice, we cry out, we complain, we ask God, “Why?”

Our God welcomes us back with open arms and the love of a Father, even though we’ve ignored Him or even forgotten Him for a while.

Scripture tells us over and over to praise and thank God every day, every minute and in every circumstance. This isn’t an optional thing for the Christian, worship is necessary. We can sing or shout or just speak words of honor to the Lord, but if we don’t, we lose our perspective and the closeness to our Father that Jesus died for. Make worship part of your daily breath. #worship #christianliving #justdoiy #givethanksinallthings #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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