• Christine Ayala

Love One Another

In case we missed it, we’re reminded over and over - LOVE ONE ANOTHER! There aren’t exceptions to this rule.

Our love for people, all people, is what sets us apart from unbelievers - “They will know us by our love for one another” John 13:35 tells us. The world is watching us...

The way we treat those who disagree with us

The way we talk about others

The way we treat and care for our family members - ALL of them

The we forgive... or don’t

The way we live out our faith

How we handle it when we mess up - humility...

The only way we can succeed under such scrutiny is by faith. We are not and can not be perfect Christians. We’re human, and all we can only do our best - but God can amplify our best. He can use our humility and our love to break through darkness in ways that we can’t.

So, please love one another!

Thank you @drop_the_stones for this image! So good!!

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