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  • Christine Ayala

More than You Can Do

What are you pursuing that is bigger than you? Bigger than your plans and more than you can accomplish in the natural?

When God is in it, it is bigger than you are and beyond what you can do on your own. It’s like you’re just along for the ride - and yet, God wouldn’t do it without you… how many times have you stopped because you knew you couldn’t do it - or because you knew the odds were against you and quitting was easier than getting hurt or let down? Or because hoping for so long was making your heart sick?

I’ve been there - but DON’T GIVE UP! God is with you! You are running a marathon with God, not a sprint. He has a plan and His plans are higher and bigger than you can comprehend- but He wants you to be a part of them - He wants to show you how much He loves you and just how big He can be in your life. Open your eyes and ears and mind to what God wants to do in and through you!

Martin Luther King Jr. was an imperfect man who I believe was also a prophet of God - he didn’t do what he did for his own glory or fame, he did it because God was with Him. The Lord was his strength and inspiration. He was afraid, but God gave him courage and opened doors that no one thought could be opened.

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