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  • Christine Ayala

No More Shame

Do you hide what you’re ashamed of? Of course you do, but… do you try to hide it from God?

Do you pretend it’s not a thing when you pray?

Even though it could be the thing that is in the way of your destiny?

Is your shame an obstacle in your life?

Is it holding you back?

God wants to take away your shame. He wants to pour His grace over you and your shame, heal you and make you whole, complete, with no itching missing and nothing broken. When you confess it to Him, remember - He already knows and always has - you’re just taking your hidden shame out of the devil’s hands to use against you as a weapon. #justdoit #nomoreshame #shalom #grace #nothingmissingnothingbroken #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional @wanderdarren

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