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  • Christine Ayala

Not Overwhelmed

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes, like your losing your momentum on an uphill climb. It’s also easy to feel a little hopeless in the craziness of this world - to see the pain, the division, the anger and the depravity around us, and think that the world is going to hell. Some even say that this is evidence that God doesn’t really love us or that He isn’t real. In the Halloween season, evil is magnified even more...

God is not dead, He is surely alive. His light will NEVER go out and the darkness will NEVER overwhelm it! So I ask myself, “What am I doing to magnify God in the darkness?” It has been more difficult to reach out during the pandemic, but that just means we need to be creative. I need to do more to shine the light. Let’s all do it!

I’m inspired by my colleague @aprilgiauque for her work to spread pinpoints of light across the world in her work to end domestic violence. #justdoit #pinpointsoflight #lightoverdarkness #godisgood #thislittlelightofmine #christianliving #theywillknowusbyourlove #shalom #dailydevotional

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