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  • Christine Ayala

Perspective of Worship

How many times do we complain about little things? Like about how It’s too hot or too cold, rude people, there’s nothing in the menu that sounds good to you, high prices, etc… This concentration camp survivor said they didn’t blame God for their circumstance. They knew He wasn’t behind it and they had the humility to realize that they must worship in spite of it.

What on earth are we here for? Do you worship in spite of rough circumstances? Many times, I’ve heard people say, “I just don’t feel like worshipping today.” So they don’t. As if worship had anything to do with their “feelings.”

Worship and serving God is our purpose everyday, no matter what. Whether we are at work, at church or on vacation. Whether we’re happy, sad or angry, God is still God and He is still more than worthy of ALL of our praise and thanksgiving. When you worship and praise with a grateful heart, you enter into His gates and in there is healing for whatever you’re suffering.

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