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  • Christine Ayala


It’s a lot harder for us to give grace to some people than others. Do suppose God feels that way about us sometimes? I think He did in the Old Testament, but after Jesus came and lived like us, His compassion and grace became a free gift for each one of us. Thank you, Jesus!!!

But, back to us… we’re supposed to show that same compassion and grace for others that the Lord shows to us. He can see our hearts though, and we can’t. We have to trust God to be just as we show grace to prickly people, even mean-spirited people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we put ourselves in danger (although, some are called to this), but that we recognize that hurting people hurt people. Jesus died for them, too. #justsayin #BEkind #bethechurch #christianliving #compassion #mercy #grace shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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