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  • Christine Ayala


There’s a lot to be afraid of in this world. Evil lurks everywhere and we cannot escape it. But The Lord our God and savior has redeemed us from this world. Redemption means that the Lord covered our faults and paid the price necessary to separate us from this fallen world. We still live here, but our home is in Heaven. When we walk in the Spirit and follow Jesus, we are overcomers - the evil that is lurking around us may try to hurt us, but we are are protected, armed and dangerous. Furthermore, our God and Saviour calls you by name, you’re not just “a kid,” you’re beloved and cherished. #calledbyname #walkinthespirit #redeemed #coveredintheblood #freedom #goodgoodfather #childofgod #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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