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  • Christine Ayala


Salt is a seasoning and a nutrient. Without this essential electrolyte, we will die. Without it food tastes terrible. But too much of it is just as bad! Too much salt in your diet will cause a number of health problems that lead to death and too much salt in your food makes it inedible.

What does this mean to you? YOU are the salt of the earth. You bring the Good News that is essential to life: that Jesus made a way for each person to be saved and have eternal life. Without this Good News, people will perish.

Jesus also wants us to bring flavor to life. Not just for ourselves though, for others too, so that they may also taste and see His goodness. How do you do that? Show up and love people, even when it’s inconvenient and you don’t feel like it. Share your gifts and your talents - don’t hold back from God and from others. Be salty! #saltandlight #BEthechurch @chuck.foreman.71 #calledandchosen #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional #shalom @fccphx

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