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  • Christine Ayala

Some Thoughts


Not worthy.


Saved by grace.



These words invoke all kinds of deep emotions in us and it’s easy to get confused if we try to figure it out with our own reasoning and feelings. We need God’s word and Spirit, not our own.

The world says that we are worthy and that we are entitled to Certain rights, and our government defines those rights as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - with a lot of more complicated ones to go along with them. Following Christ requires surrendering what we think we deserve to follow Him and the purpose and plan He has for our individual lives. It requires service.

As believers we are redeemed, we were sinners who’ve been saved by grace. The Lord no longer calls us sinner, He calls us His children who are beloved and forgiven in spite of all our imperfections. Yes we sin, but it isn’t our identity—we are redeemed.

We are not righteous. Our feelings aren’t righteous. Our good Father covers us in Christ’s righteousness. We must be careful to remember this and respond to circumstances and situations with humility and with grace. Let God judge while we respond with compassion.

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