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  • Christine Ayala

Taking Offense

Stuff happens every single day that is offensive. Usually it’s unintentional or because someone is oblivious to the effects of their actions or words but sometimes, it’s deliberate. Someone purposely says, posts or does something disrespectful, critical, or demeaning to hurt you. How do you respond?

Many of us react in kind, retorting back an insult or posting on social media to somehow “get even.” You don’t choose to have someone be offensive, but you ALWAYS have a choice about how you respond. If you get offended, that’s on you. If you take action because of it, it’s sin. It’s not justified and it causes bitterness to grow inside of you. The answer is to forgive. Let it go. Love that person and be kind. This is t the same as being a “doormat” though, if you need to stay away from them as a healthy boundary then you should do it. Just do it with a clean heart.

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