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  • Christine Ayala

The Fear

When we talk about fear in the Church, we usually focus on how God tells us in Scripture NOT to be afraid 366 times. If He out it in there so much, then it is very important. We should not be afraid of the world and of other people and their opinions. We should not be afraid to obey God or follow His word.

We also need to talk about the importance of the fear of the Lord, though. There are at least 144 references to fearing the Lord or God (including 19 in the New Testament) in the Bible, so it matters too.

I believe that part of walking as a God-fearing disciple of Christ is aligning my will and my heart with God’s. Not putting myself first and walking humbly with Him is a way to do this. Seeking His face instead of His hand is a way to do this. Reading and meditating on His Word is a way to do this. I’m sure there are lots more - what do you think?

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