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  • Christine Ayala

The Great Exchange

Do you really understand the covenant you have with Jesus?

Covenant in the Bible is the most serious commitment and promise possible - and it’s an exchange.

First you exchange your cloaks - your coverings - this says that all you have belongs to the other and all that the other has belongs to you.

Then you exchange weapons - your strength for the strength of the other one’s. The commitment is to provide protection anytime,anywhere.

Then you cut your wrists and pressed them together so that your blood would mingle- the scars served as a reminder and as a sign to anyone who attacks you that you have a blood covenant and that someone would come to your aid. Then there would be a blood sacrifice and then they would break bread together and eat. This is what communion is all about.

Jesus made the great exchange with you! He is committed to provide, strengthen and protect you always. His scars are the reminder and when you take communion, you exchange your weakness for His strength. You exchange your lack for His plenty, you exchange your fear for His faith, you exchange your shame for His honor and joy.

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