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  • Christine Ayala

The Secret

I remember when I learned this for the second time - because I was too hard headed to really learn it the first one. I had spent years praying for a change of circumstances in my marriage, instead of just praying for God’s will and wisdom and to be closer to Him. I had done this through very hard times before, why was I so caught up in the circumstances this time? I think it’s because I didn’t want to admit I’d failed. I didn’t want to let people down and my pride was involved. When I turned my focus on Jesus and God’s will and purpose, little by little, things changed. I had to trust God with the outcome instead of telling Him what needed to happen.

It wasn’t what I expected, but God was faithful, like He ALWAYS is!

#godisfaithful #trustinthelord #goodgoodfather #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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