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  • Christine Ayala

True Friendship

Have you ever done this? I have - but not consciously. I went through a time of intense loneliness- and I compromised my values to find friends. God is faithful though, and those friendships didn’t last very long. I would have married the wrong man too - because I didn’t want to be alone - but God rescued me from that too.

I finally learned to rest in God. To walk with Jesus in friendship and to trust the Holy Spirit that I was never alone. I knew that in my head, and believed it with my heart - but it just hadn’t seemed real before. That intimate companionship that no one and nothing can compete with…and it is enough. It was then that I met the man who is now my best friend and my husband. I am blessed! #truefriendship #iamafriendofgod #walkinthespirit @cslewis_official #waitonthelord #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #dailydevotional

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