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  • Christine Ayala

Trust and Obey

Looking back, I can see many times when God changed my plan. Sometimes, my plans were completely ruined and others, they were just changed - but not by me and not because I wanted it that way.

I would have chosen a different path to get where I am now, but the truth is that some of these ruined plans were a direct result of my disobedience to God. I can see that now. But some weren’t - they were because Gods plan supersedes mine and I was created for a purpose. Fulfilling that purpose is something I pray for everyday- so those ruined plans could be called an answer to prayer.

Sometimes, the Lord is simply protecting me, like He promised, because He knows what would happen if I continued with my plans - even if they’re not selfish or sinful, they could just be outside of His will or put me into a vulnerable situation. Our Father God is sooo good and His way is perfect, walk in it!

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