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  • Christine Ayala

Walk With God

Keeping our focus on God and walking under His umbrella of peace is like being a child in a crowd holding your Father’s hand. Letting go could be catastrophic, and yet we often try - but Daddy holds on tighter. If we try hard, God will let us go our own way - but we lose our peace. It is in this place of abiding and walking with God that He prepares us and equips us for the purposes we long to fulfill; for the hope of our calling. It is where He refreshes our souls and fills us with living water. Why do we struggle and strain? Do not let your heart be troubled, trust in God, walk with Him instead of meeting up with Him here and there. #walkinthespirit #walkwithgod #justdoit #fightthegoodfightoffaith #peace #liveoutyourpurpose #christianliving #onespiritonechurch #shalom #dailydevotional

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