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  • Christine Ayala

We Need Teaching

Everyone needs to be taught to follow God and His will. It doesn’t come naturally, it isn’t instinctive. We aren’t born with knowledge and understanding, nor can we “find our own way” to the truth. We need to be taught. Have you ever noticed that you don’t have to teach children to lie? They do that naturally, we have to teach them to tell the truth. None of us need to be taught to sin, or to be selfish - that’s easy, but all of us need to be taught continually about the will of God. This is one reason we need to go to church. To be part of God’s family, serve one another, to talk about Him and learn more about Him.

We also have this fantastic and amazing gift, the Holy Spirit, who helps us, and gives us wisdom and guidance when we will listen and walk with Him.

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