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  • Christine Ayala

You Have Not Because You Ask Not

Why do we ever act like something is too much or too difficult to ask for from the Lord?

Is it because we don’t believe He can do it?

Is it because we don’t think He will do it for us?

Or, is because we don’t want to get our hopes up if He doesn’t do it even though He can and we asked?

I lived a good part of my life not getting my hope up so I wouldn’t have to deal with the heart ache of disappointment- but God showed up for me anyway! He wanted to build my faith and boy, did He. I realized that My Father is a wonder-working, miracle-slinging, faithful and loving Dad. It changed my perspective and the way I pray. I don’t hold back my praise and He fills me daily - and sometimes, He does miracles in my life. Really big ones and small ones - but miracles, nevertheless. Nothing is too hard for Him! #youhavenotbecauseyouasknot

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