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  • Christine Ayala

Your Church

What is church mean to you?

How do you experience church?

For me, Church is my special space where I am with my Lord. It doesn’t have to be in a building or even in a dedicated room, just gathering together with other true worshipers to share the love of God and His word. It’s simple.

I have the privilege to minister to women in prison every week. We meet in their chow halls, we have simple worship and prayer and then Bible Study. Ive been teaching them this concept and encouraging them to look around at their church. Truly, there are sheep and goats in the congregation but, that’s true of all our congregations isn’t it? I’m hoping that they will understand and build up their community, praying for one another and being kind to all the others. These particular women are in Maximum Security- it’s a dark place and they struggle with hopelessness and despair, they need the Light of the World to shine in and around them like we all do.

Today, please join me in praying for these women, and all people who are incarcerated, to be filled with the peace that passes all understanding, to know the hope and joy of their salvation and to be filled with the Holy Spirit, their Comforter, Counselor, Encourager, and Helper. Amen.

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