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  • Christine Ayala


John Piper said, “Abiding in Jesus is trusting that He really is loving is at every moment and that everything He revealed about Himself and our future is true.” This means we have to live like we believe this and trust Jesus. After all, even the devil believes...

So how do you live this way? Abiding is all about the way you live - rest in God’s Word, Jesus Christ, trust Him and keep an attitude of prayer. Try to walk with the Spirit each day. Be grateful and generous, sharing your life and fruit with others. Abiding in Jesus is living like He is right next to you, loving you, filling you up and ready to help you. #abideinchrist @johnstephenpiper @piperquotes #justdoit #walkinthespirit #followjesus #BEthechurch #shalom #onespiritonechurch #livelikeyoubelieve #dailydevotional

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