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  • Christine Ayala

Be On Guard

Pride is one of those things that are often misunderstood - and that misunderstanding can cause us to ignore it - which plays right into the devil’s hands.

Working hard, accomplishing a goal or achieving a victory make us feel proud of ourselves - and others will often say “I’m proud of you.” This isn’t sin.

The sin of pride starts when the desire for pride motivates us to do something and we seek recognition and pats on the back. It also shows up whenever we start comparing ourselves to others instead of focusing on our relationship with God. Pride is deadly.

Humility is knowing who we are in the eyes of God, and walking on the path to which He has called us to walk - no matter what anyone else does or says.

False humility will say that we’re worthless or that we don’t matter - Jesus died for us, therefore we are extremely valuable and bought with a price. We are children of The most high God, and we must recognize His sovereignty and our dependence as we follow Him.

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