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  • Christine Ayala


How many times have you been like the guy in this photo? Climbing a mountain in the dark and trusting God for each step?

I’ve climbed many mountains by faith, not knowing how long it would take or how difficult it would be - just knowing it would be difficult but that my Jesus was with me and the Holy Spirit led me there. Sitting in a hospital while my son was in the ICU; walking through breakups and divorce, losing most everything; living with a disability and chronic pain - these are some of the mountains I conquered.

Even with the Lord, you sometimes feel all alone - don’t believe that! Ask the Lord to come near and to comfort and strengthen you - He is with you and He lives. #youvegotthis #walkbythespirit #myredeemerlives #thelordiswithyou #morethanaconqueror #yourjourneytobeingwhole #shalom #dailydevotional

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