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  • Christine Ayala

“Follow Me”

Jesus asks each of us to do this - to follow Him with our cross. What is our cross? It’s all of our humanity, faults and failures and our sacrifice... He doesn’t want us to achieve something, or fix something, or change first - just to let go of our selfishness and follow Him.

This can be scary, but your faith gets stronger and stronger as you see the amazing and powerful way that God works when you’re in step with Him... and how He rescues you when you fall or mess up. His grace and love are astounding.

When you said “Yes” to Christ did you also say “Yes” when He said “Follow me”?

#justdoit #followJesus #discipleship #faith #goodgoodfather #hisgraceissufficient #shalom #onespsiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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