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  • Christine Ayala


Guilt is one of those things that is good when it’s purposeful and destructive when it’s misplaced. God gave us a conscience to help us make right and righteous choices and decisions. When we make a bad choice, sin or hurt someone, we should feel guilt. Its purpose is to get us to stop and try to make it right, and hopefully, receive forgiveness. Even if the other person doesn’t forgive you, if you repent God does and you should for it yourself. That’s how grace works! Praise the Lord!

Shame is different. Guilt is about acknowledging that we did something bad, but shame is labeling yourself as bad, unworthy or unclean because of something you did or something that was done to you. Shame is not from God! God calls you clean once you repent, you are washed from the guilt. God’s extravagant grace has covered you and all the shame you carry is a burden for the enemy. It really does make you a prisoner. But Jesus already set you free from it - so FLY!!!

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