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  • Christine Ayala


Walking in forgiveness is one of those things we have to keep doing over and over and over again. Sometimes we need to forgive someone for the same trespass multiple times because it creeps back up in our thoughts, causing us to feel angry or hurt all over again and wanting to make them “pay for it.” This is normal. Our sin nature isn’t going away until we go to heaven - we’re stuck with each other. That’s why Jesus told us to forgive “seventy times seven.”

Dr. David Jeremiah put it this way, “As we look to Him alone, He gives us grace (He imparts a million blessings we don’t deserve) and mercy (He withholds a million judgments we do deserve).”

We are to forgive by showing grace and mercy just like Christ shows us. This doesn’t mean that you give a criminal or an abuser an open door, it means you don’t carry the judgement against them in your heart. You let it go. You move on, and when you remember them you can pray for them instead of curse them. We all need forgiveness. We all need to forgive...

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