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  • Christine Ayala

Go, Love

This is what separates Christians from everyone else. That we LOVE people with an supernatural love - not a self-gratifying feeling, but the love of Christ in us. If we aren’t doing that - if we stay away from people who require that kind of love from us, then we aren’t very good disciples, are we?

@christinecaine said it this way,

“Jesus didn’t save us to build a Christian subculture. To avoid meeting people who do not look like us, act like us, think like us, or believe like us. He didn’t save us to hide from the world, avoid the world, ignore the world, fear the world, hate the world, condemn the world or judge the world. He literally sent us into the world…to make disciples…for us to love the world that he created and loves so tenderly and so fiercely.”

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