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  • Christine Ayala

Help Me, God

“My Daddy is better than your daddy.” This playground taunt is all about who we have to back us up, who will defend and protect us. Some of us didn’t grow up with a daddy like that - but all of us have a Father in heaven who is like that. He helps us in ways we do. It understand. Like a good daddy, He also lets us take our own wobbly steps and let’s us fall on our bums, so that we learn to walk, and eventually to run.

When you need help, don’t run from God - run to Him. He has all the power you need, and He knows just how to help you best. The key is spending time with Him, listening and obeying. He longs to help you. #myhelpcomesfromthelord #faith #prayer #justdoit #walkinthespirit #discipleship #goodgoodfather #onespiritonechurch #shalom #dailydevotional

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