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  • Christine Ayala

Keep Fighting

Many people have a false and distorted view of what it means to live the Christian life... even many Christians. Making the decision to follow Christ is only the beginning, not the end. It’s the beginning of the marathon fight of faith.

Are you fighting?

Are you running the race?

Are you keeping the faith?

Or, are you taking a break?

I don’t think taking a break is necessarily a “bad” answer as long as you’re still acting in faith. God gives people breaks, Jesus told us to come to Him with our heavy burdens and that He would give us rest. The act of faith is giving the burden to Jesus and being faithful - not letting frustration, disappointment or anger overwhelm us so that we give up.

Giving up isn’t keeping the faith, running the race and fighting the good fight. It’s quitting because it’s hard. We have an enemy and he wants us to quit. Christians are not pacifists, we must fight the devil every day - even when we’re resting. But, we are NEVER doing it alone. The Holy Spirit is always helping us - fighting with us with His sword drawn and His eyes wide open. Walk, run fight and finish! #fightthegoodfight #walkinthespirit #faith #keepthefaith #christianliving #shalom #yourjourneytobeingwhole #dailydevotional

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